About Me

Renewed commuter. Two words that don’t usually go together right? As an airline pilot, married with four kids, I’ve often struggled to find a connection between these two words. Renewed, is not usually how I feel when I travel for work, and as an airline pilot, travel is really all I do. I don’t live in base, so I also commute from Portland, OR (my home) to Las Vegas, NV (my base). Often it seems that most of my life is on the road, or rather in the sky, away from my family and those who matter most to me. It can be a lonely, compartmentalized life where I find myself mentally and physicaly shifting between two seemingly different worlds.

I believe that renewal through this profession, and others like it is difficult, but possible. I believe that with a little creativity, and the right attitude, those who travel extensively can stay connected and healthy. I don’t think it’s easy, or something that we will naturally accomplish without purpose and planning, but then we all know that nothing good comes easy right?

So what will you find in these pages? Good question! I’m waiting to find that out myself! Actually this is simply a record of my attempt to find creative ways of finding life balance through creating healthy travel habits. I want to shrink the gap between my life on the road, and my life at home. I’ll be exploring all kinds of ideas, gadgets and tools to help with this quest.

So welcome! I hope you join in the conversation with your own struggles and victories. My desire is that this site will create a place for likeminded people to find the support and ideas needed to become renewed commuters.