Micro Habits

I heard an idea on how to connect with my 8 year old son while on the road, and decided to try it. The idea is pretty simple. Get a map of the United States. Put the map on the wall. Stick pins into the map at the places you will visit. Show the child […]

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Look Up!

We’d been on the road for a few hours, and it was time for a break. Our holiday family visit had been a good time, but we were tired, anxious to get home, and stressed from the hectic holiday traffic around us. The roads were for the most part covered with snow and ice, and […]

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A Time For Sleep

Probably the most important factor in finding renewal on the road for me is sleep. I’m still deciding how much sleep my body needs to function at peak efficiency. There are mornings that I wake at 4:00 am and feel rested, and others when I’m exhausted at 8:00. I know the quality of my sleep […]

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Who’s my family?

I recently decided to broaden my definition of family – let me explain. I’m definitely a homebody preferring  to hang out in familiar places, like on the couch in front of my TV.  I’m also an introvert, I need time alone in order to feel renewed. Put these two attributes together and you have a […]

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